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Arco den HollanderA  warm welcome to DERC Salotech. We are looking forward to provide you with the best possible solutions, equipment, nozzles and services to meet your needs. 25 years of daily dedication to high pressure water jetting technology and its spectrum of professional use have made us a quality partner for professionals in industrial cleaning. It is the enjoyable result of our focus on promoting the technology and servicing our customers. As an O.E.M. and V.A.R. we are committed to safety, solutions and see innovation as core business. Our aim is to guarantee you to get your job done in the best possible way. 

Arco den Hollander, Salesmanager DERC Salotech

News: Latest products and developments

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    NEW: (Semi) automatic cleaning the future

    More and more companies clean (semi) automatic. A logical choice, automatically cleaning is much safer and ergonomic for the operator. The possibilities for automatic cleaning are now more available as a standard product.

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    NEW: Banshee BN 15

    The Banshee line of rotary tube cleaning nozzles expanded with a new BN15 tool. The BN15 (15mm OD) reduces the jet stand-off distance in tubes where the BN13 has ....