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Ultrabar 30 DTR(4)

UHP Water jetting unit

Ultrabar 30, diesel engine driven, fully enclosed, road trailer mounted, Ultra High Pressure water jetting unit, suitable for the most demanding applications.

Simple to operate & maintain, this is probably the most user friendly UHP unit on the market. Suitable for single or twin gun operation. Applications include surface preparation, coatings & road markings removal, hydro-demolition, tube cleaning & cold cutting.


  • Ultrabar 30 pump rated to 30 litre per minute at 3000 bar with pressure lubrication, oil filtration & cooling. Modular fluid head assembly allows easy maintenance and troubleshooting on individual cylinders
  • 4000 bar pressure transducer & burst disc with adjustable overpressure set point
  • Perkins 4 cylinder, Tier 4 emissions compliant engine, with simple auto shutdown control panel
  • Automatic throttle. Engine reduces to idle when pressure released
  • Boost pump, 10 & 1 micron water filters, heavy duty suction line hose with non-corrosive end fittings
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Enclosure with four lifting points & full sized lift up side doors on gas struts for ease of access. High quality powder coated paint finish
  • EU approved road trailer undergear with fixed height tow hitch, overrun brakes, auto reverse & lighting
  • Accoustically lined for noise reduction​

​Specification Ultrabar 30
Dimensions 4,1 metre long x 2 metre wide x 2,0 metre high
2,6 kg
24 litre per minute at 3000 bar **
30 litre per minute at 2400 bar **

  * Different performances achieved by changing engine rpm & nozzle size 
  ** Represents theoretical swept volume

Build options

  • Other UHP performances available
  • Larger engine to allow 30 litre per minute at 3000 bar using 6 cylinder engine
  • Convertible to High Pressure (HP)
  • Spark arresting silencer & Chalwyn valve
  • Rigsafe or Zone 2 engine build
  • ATEX compliant
  • Certified crashframes
  • Alternative engines
  • Zinc rich powder coated paint finish for corrosive environments​
  • Single dump gun & self rotating nozzle
  • Single wireless gun & self rotating nozzle for remote control of UHP dump valve (500m range)
  • Single or twin air powered guns & dump valves
  • UHP hoses, lances, foot valves, deckblasters & abrasive cutting equipment
  • Semi & automatic tube lancing equipment

Like to know more about the Ultrabar 3- DTR (4) ?

Click here for the pdf of the brochure of the Ultrabar30 DRT(4) or contact DERC Jetting Systems +31 (0)186 61 72 22 or

Ultrabar 30-dtr-4

End panels remove with two screws

Ultrabar 30-dtr-4-detail

​Convertible to 1000 or 1400 bar

Ultrabar 30-dtr-4-detail

Full sized, lift-up doors for ease of acces

Ultrabar 30- Working with high pressure gun

Single or twin gun operation

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