Craftsmanship & expertise in action

In our factory you will find a fine selection of craftsmen and specialists with a deep knowledge of water jetting technology. This team – guided by our engineers and engineering department - has the insights, competences and aspiration to guarantee a technical perfect product for you. 

Testing, manufacturing, maintaining, servicing. No matter what the technical objective is, the team in our factory manifest what the DERC consultants request and the engineers design. You welcome to these DERC specialists in our factory, or you might see them in action on your location, to install, service and maintain. 

DERC Salotech works according to the highest standards, including CE and ISO. Every high pressure jetting systems, product or solution is tested and inspected in the factory before delivery, and comes with complete documentation and CE-marking and complies with the EU-safety demands
Click here for some manufacturing results of our factory: