DERC Jet-Easy

Safe and easy way of manual waterblasting

Working with a DERC Jet-Easy is a safe and easy way of manual waterblasting cleaning of smaller objects in a so called cleaning container. By using the Jet-Easy the operator has a limitation of freedom of movement what prevents the operator of hurting himself with a waterjet. 
The guiding of the gun is fixed in a frame which can move free horizontally and vertically. During operations the reaction force on the gun will also be absorbed by the Jet-Easy. The Jet-Easy improves operator’s safety. 

Mounting in a cleaning container

The Jet-Easy is mounted onto an adjustable frame. This  frame can easily glides over a rails mounted along the side of the whole container. The lance of the high pressure gun is clammed in a positioning ball fixed in the frame in which the gun can move freely but limited.

DERC Jet-Easy features

  • Improves operator’s safety
  • Reaction forces can be absorbed
  • Less stressful for operator 
  • Simple stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for most high pressure guns

Safe solution

The Jet-Easy improves safety by manual high pressure cleaning. The simple stainless steel construction makes the application very easy for the operator. An ideal solution for cleaning smaller objects in a cleaning container. 

Like to know more about the DERC Jet-Easy?

For more information about the DERC Jet-Easy or for your personal solution, please call DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

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DERC  Jet-Easy

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DERC Maxi-Arm

Jet-Easy in container


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