DERC Speed Regulated Pipe Cleaner - SPC

Cleaning pipes with multiple elbows

DERC Salotech's Speed Regulated Pipe Cleaner (SPC) is the ideal rotating nozzle for cleaning horizontal and vertical pipes with multiple elbows. The compact, stainless steel design ensures that this nozzle can unplug, polish or run longer lines without a problem.

Included with the SPC is a wrench, and as an option we can deliver three different maintenance kits. The DERC SPC Centralizer makes it possible to centre the SPC, thus protecting the rotating nozzle and achieve the best cleaning result.

Max. working pressure 1000 bar 1000 bar
Flow 80 - 210 l/min 50 - 115 l/min
Inlet connection 1/2" NPT F, M24 M, M36 M M24 M, 3/8" NPT F 
Rotation speed  50 - 300 RPM (adjustable) 100 - 300 RPM (adjustable)
Pipe 6" - 12" 4" - 6"
Inserts 5 x 1/4" NPT (DSI14) 5 x 1/8" NPT (DSI18) 


Like to know more about the DERC SPC?

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