Committed to QHSE
(Quality, Health, Safety & Environment)

At DERC Salotech we are committed to quality. Our continuous mission is to achieve a maximum Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental performance. In all our operations and with all our solutions. We attach great importance for being a sound and reliable partner for you, our colleagues as well as all other stakeholders with whom we - or our products and solutions are connected.

At DERC Salotech we are committed to safety. We operate and produce according to the highest industrial standards. We invest substantially in the research and development of new safety equipment and safer equipment. We promote safe working practices and avoiding risks to our colleagues, customers, end users and other stakeholders. We offer an educational program with over 20 different safety and instruction training courses for the industrial cleaning industry. 

Compliant with all regulations

The effective implementation of our QHSE policies and procedures on all levels are top priority for us. We operate in a safe manner and maintain compliance with all applicable laws, standards and regulations. We operate in a safe manner and maintain in compliance with all applicable European and Dutch Health, Safety and Environment legislation. We have our own CE-engineer and our products meet the requirements of  the Machine Directive 2006/42/EG and, where applicable, the ATEX requirements. Our organization is certified to ISO 9001-2015 and by the Industrial Cleaning and Safety Association for best practice. We are a proud member of the WaterJet Technology Association. Random pressure tests, certificates and identification numbers are standard on all our products.

Health and safety

The Health and Safety of our and your employees is top priority. Therefore our policies with respect to working conditions and the development of solutions, regardless the location, is aimed to achieve a maximal protection of safety and health with ZERO accidents. Working Conditions and Environment forms an integrated part of the company policy being in compliance with the legal and social standards applicable.

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