Introduction innovative mini-robots for tank cleaning, also suitable for ATEX Zone 0

In cooperation with Gerotto, DERC Salotech launched a complete range of new innovative mini-robots for the safe cleaning of storage tanks. Less men entry are required for cleaning and sludge removal from tanks. You are now able to have your tanks cleaned safely and under numerous conditions, using this line of innovative excavators.

Some examples:

Mini-robot Lombrico, Tank Cleaning ATEX Zone 0

This remote controlled innovative mini-robot cleans tanks, even in ATEX Zone 0. The mini-robot, "Lombrico", fits through manholes and maneuvers easily at a safe distance from the operator. In combination with a vacuum truck, suction excavators or industrial aspirators the waste is removed out of the tank. Read more about the Lombrico ATEX Zone 0. 

Fuel Tank Cleaning, underground tank cleaning, ATEX Zone 0

Especially for underground fuel tanks, we invented the Fuel Tank Cleaner. This system is controlled from a safe distance and also suitable for ATEX Zone 0. The Fuel Tank Cleaning has three main functions; the spraying of chemical products, high pressure washing and sludge removal. The Fuel Tank Cleaning is a mini robot on two tracks with a telescopic arm and cleans the entire tank without any men entering. Read more about the Fuel Tank Cleaning ATEX zone 0

Lombrico S & XXS, endless possibilities

The mini-robots Lombrico S & XXS are ideal for working in confined spaces. The mini-robot is equipped with a suction hose that can be connected to a vacuum unit. Because of the many tooling accessories which can be placed on the front of the Lombrico, the possibilities are endless. Read more about the Lombrico S & XXS.

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