NEW: Fully automatic Extruder Screw Cleaner

extruder screw cleaner
DERC Salotech is pleased to announce the launch of our new innovative automatic solution for cleaning extruder screws, as used in barrels, for example. This innovative system is completely closed and fully programmable by using the touchscreen on the PLC. Therefore the operator follows the cleaning process from a safe distance.

Full automatic 

After the extruder screw is placed in the system, the extruder screw is automatically rotated. The steps of rotation of the extruder screw and the speed of the nozzles are set by the operator. The screw is then thoroughly cleaned by the nozzles moving back and forward over the guide rail. The system works in combination with your own high pressure unit and vacuum truck.

This recently built system was made for a 12 meter long extruder screw and can be made suitable for any specific screw length and type. Where previously screws like this were cleaned manually, DERC now offers you this automatic, safe and ergonomic cleaning solution.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your specific situation?

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