DERC RCS 200: Effective surface cleaning

News RCS 200 in action
DERC RCS 200 is designed as a surface cleaning device. The rugged assemby consists of an air or hydraulic powered gearbox, swivel, nozzle arms and heads. The heads spin within a stainless steel guard.

The RCS 200 has a maximum working power of 1500 bar and a flow of 400 liter/min. The RCS 200 is perfect for connecting to a mini digger or a rigid lance cleaner.

Combined with the DERC Automated Solution Rail 4” (ASR) and the DERC Automated Solutions Tractor (AST) the DERC RCS 200 is the perfect basis for many semi automatic cleaning solutions.


+ Various rotations for high jet impact
+ Bended nozzle arms with flow stabilizers to produce powerful and effective jets
+ Various heads, and customization is possible for a larger range of applications
+ Replaceable high quality nozzle tips with maximum jet quality


Are you interested in the DERC RCS 200 or do you have any questions regarding high pressure cleaning? Contact us at or +31 (0)186 62 14 84, for advice on your needs for high pressure cleaning.

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