DERC RCS 75: Perfect coupling


The DERC RCS 75 swivels are designed to transport high pressure water from a stationary line to a rotating or twisting assembly. This makes the DERC RCS 75 swivels the perfect coupling for high pressure hoses and the rotating part of a lance cleaning system or a pipe cleaner. Additionally the DERC RCS 75 can be used as a coupling on hose reels and containment systems. 

+ Unique, improved and easy to maintain seal
+ Lifetime lubricated bearings
+ Multiple inlet options available
+ Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
+ 0º or 90º inlet connection
+ Up to 600 RPM


Are you interested in the DERC RCS 75 or do you have any questions regarding high pressure cleaning? Contact us at or +31 (0)186 62 14 84, for advice on your needs for high pressure cleaning.


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