DERC SPC: Cleaning pipes with multiple elbows

DERC Salotech is proud to introduce the new 1500 bar models of DERC SPC. The increased maximum working pressure of 1500 bar allows you to unplug, polish or run lines at a higher pressure.

DERC Speed Regulated Pipe Cleaner (SPC) is the ideal rotating nozzle for cleaning horizontal and vertical pipes with multiple elbows.  You can adjust the rotating speed depending on the level of deposit you want to remove.

DERC SPC is available in two sizes: SPC-L and SPC-M. The SPC-M is special designed and constructed for waterblast cleaning of pipes as small as 4”(100 mm) with elbows. The SPC-L is designed to clean pipes of 6” (150 mm) and up. Various high pressure connections and heads are available for both the 1000 and the 1500 bar models. DERC SPC comes with special tooling for easy and safe maintenance.

The DERC SPC Centralizer makes it possible to centre the DERC SPC, thus protecting the rotating nozzle and achieve the best cleaning result.

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