DERC Automatic Extruder Screw Cleaner

The innovative solution for automatic cleaning of extruder screws

This cleaning system is designed for cleaning long extruder screws, used in barrels, for example, with high pressure waterjetting. The closed system is a fully automatic, PLC-controlled system.

After the extruder screw is placed in the system, you close the covers. The extruder screw is rotated by the electric driven bundle rollers. The cleaning steps and speed of the car can be set by the operator. The nozzles, in this case 2 Monro-Jets, are mounted on an electrical driven car, which drives back and forth over a guide rail. On a safe distance, the operator programs and follows the whole cleaning proces. The system works in combination with your own high pressure unit and vacuum truck. 

Unique features 

  • Closed safe system
  • Replaces manual cleaning into safe automatic cleaning
  • Control from a safe distance
  • Ergonomic control, the operator is placed outside of the "line of fire" 
  • Electric driven
  • Can be customized to you specific extruder screw
  • PLC-controlled, variable settings: angular rotation of the extruder screw, speed of the car and cleaning steps.
  • Safety stop, when the system is opened the high pressure stops immediately
  • Overflow is limited with a sensor
Specifications DERC Automatic extruder Screw Cleaner
High pressure connection M14 x 1,5 LH
Max. working pressure 2500 bar/ 36K
Max. flow 36 l/min             
Vacuüm connection  customized
Overflow connection customized
Nozzle type  customized, for example Monro-Jet type F25
Max. load total 3000 kg
Weight 2500 kg
Electrical power connection min 5, max 16 A, 230 VAC 


Like to know more about the automatic cleaning system?

For more information contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84

Extruder Screw Cleaner

Drawing Extruder Screw Cleaner

control panel

Control panel


Two Monro-Jets


Bundle rollers


Electrically driven motor for rotating