DERC Automated Solutions Rail - ASR

Your basis for automated solutions

For automated high pressure solutions the DERC Automated Solutions Rail is the perfect basis. The slotted rail is strong and reliable. The rail is available as 2.5" or 4" and comes in different lenghts till 6000 mm. The DERC Splice Tube connects 4" aluminium rails quick and effective and is easy fo fit together with the Wedge Bolts.


DERC Automated Solutions Rails has a range of accessories, such as the DERC Roller Bearing a maintenance and grease free bearing in stainless steel construction, suitable for tough applications. Quick and easy mounting of tools onto the rail or any other construction is performed by using the DERC Rail Clamp system.

  • DERC Roller Bearing
  • DERC Wedge Bolt
  • DERC Wedge Bolt Slotted
  • DERC Splice Tube
  • DERC Rail Clamp
  • Bolt M10

The complete range features several applications, such as wheels, powered tractors, powered swivels, PLC programmable moving and X-Y positioning.

Accessories Automated Solutions Rail
Name Part number
4"rail - variable lenths till 6000 mm ASR-4-6000 
2.5"rail - variable lenths till 6000 mm ASR-2.5-6000
Roller with bearing ASR-055
Wedge bolt ASR-008
Wedge bolt slotted ASR-008-BU
Splice tube ASR-006-BU
Rail clamp ASR-060-R10
Bolt M10 for rail clamp ASR-060-M10
End plate ASR-152
Insert ASR-070
Automated Solutions Tractor - Air, auto reverse AST.AIR.AUTO
Automated Solutions Tractor - Hydraulic, auto reverse AST.HYDR.AUTO


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Automated Solutions Rail

DERC AST Wedge Bolt

Wedge Bolt

DERC AST Splice Tube

Splice Tube

DERC AST Roller Bearing

Roller with bearing

DERC AST End Plate

End plate