DERC Automated Solutions Tractor - AST

The start for automated water jetting solutions

The DERC Automated Solutions Tractors are air or hydraulic powered tractors, which move over the DERC Automated Solutions Rails. They can be equipped with various tools to suit your water blasting application.

DERC Salotech offers two models: a 2.5”model for small narrow spaces and the standard 4” model. The Automated Solutions Tractors come with end switches, which facilitate the automatic tractor movement from left to right between the end switches. Both the speed of the Automated Solutions Tractor and the tool can be adjusted from the control panel. The Automated Solutions Tractors are made of stainless steel.


  • Surface preparation
  • Concrete renovation
  • Tube bundle blasting
  • Conveyor cleaning
  • Abrasive cutting


For the automated solutions tractors DERC Salotech offers a wide range of tools to suit your water blasting job.

  • RCS-500 Fast rotating high pressure surface cleaning assembly till 3000 Bar/ 43K
  • RCS-200 Slow rotating high pressure surface cleaning assembly till 3000 Bar/ 43K
  • Various rotating cleaning heads water driven till 3000 Bar/ 43K
AST-2.5 Automated Solutions Tractor 2.5"
AST-4 Automated Solutions Tractor 4"
Powered Air or hydraulic
Speed AST-2.5:    15 - 95 mm/s
AST-4:       35 - 235 mm/s


Like to know more about the DERC Automated Solutions Tractor?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.


AST-2.5 Air Powered Solutions Tractor 2.5"


AST-4 Air Powered Solutions Tractor 4"

DERC AST and RCS 200

Automated Solutions Tractor
combined with DERC RCS 200