DERC Dome Cleaner

The solution for safe cleaning in confined spaces

The DERC Dome Cleaner is an innovative tool for high pressure cleaning of heat exchangers with limited access.  With the operator out of the line of fire and easy operation of all functions, this modular dome cleaner makes an easy-to-use and install tool for many applications.

The basis of the Dome Cleaner is installed in the middle of the heat exchanger and mounted to the tube sheet. Based on this, an aluminium rail rotates and holds the bracket with the flex lance guide and hose stopper. Positioning the lance guide by the operator is made easy by the two cameras/ display installed on the tool. For feeding and retracting the high pressure flex lance, a hose feeder is connected by a flex guide snout to the flex lance guide.

• Automated jetting, the operator controls at a safe distance 
• Modular, easy to adapt
• Air powered
• Camera supported

Are you looking for a solution for your confined space cleaning problem?

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Dome Cleaner (16)

DERC Dome Cleaner

Dome Cleaner (19)

Rotating Aluminium rail

Dome Cleaner (18)

DERC Dome Cleaner

Dome Cleaner_remote controlled

Camera supported