DERC RobotArm

Remote controlled RobotArm on positioning frame for cleaning objects below ground level

DERC Salotech designed the DERC RobotArm on a XYZ-positioning frame for cleaning objects, for example compressor houses. The remote controlled RobotArm ensures an exact cleaning with the mounted rotating nozzle. The frame has four adjustable levelers, to place the frame higher or lower. The frame can be placed over various objects to be cleaned by the RobotArm. Cleaning below ground level is possible. The robot arm is placed on an electrically powered carriage with ball-bearing wheels, which realizes the X-Y-motion. The Z-rail can rotates 350 ° around its axis and has a hinged arm at the bottom of the rails. This arm rotates up to 270 ° around its axis and has a tilt angle of 90 °. The system is operated with a remote control panel, which contains all necessary functions and the emergency stop.

Unique features 

  • Remote control from a safe distance
  • Ergonomic control, the operator is outside the "line of fire" 
  • Electric/pneumatic driven control panel
  • Cleaning below ground level
  • Easy assembly, operation and disassembly
  • Hard to reach areas can be cleaned
  • LED-lighting for a better view
  • Four lifting eyes for easy transport
  • Integrated to your own high pressure unit
Specifications DERC RobotArm
Measures frame  3500 x 3500 x 2400 mm
Max reaction force on frame 240 N
Nozzle type  Customized
Movements nozzle  tilt (90°) and rotate (270°)
X-Y-movements left/right, forward/backward
Z-movements  up/down, rotation (350°) 
Weight 400 kg


Like to know more about the full  DERC Remote Controlled RobotArm?

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DERC RobotArm

DERC RobotArm

Cleaning from safe distance

Cleaning from a safe distance

adjustable height

Adjustable in height

Robot arm

Robot Arm

Frame with arm

Frame with arm