DERC X-Y frames

X-Y positioning solutions

High pressure water jetting is applied for cleaning heat exchangers (tube bundles) and all kind of surfaces. Since automated systems like tube bundle cleaning machines, flex lance machines and lancing machines entered the market and took over manual work, things needed to be positioned over X and Y directions.

DERC Salotech is specialized in the design and manufacturing of all kind of easy to apply X-Y frames.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and install for a fast start
  • For horizontal or vertical applications

The frames can be air, hydraulic or electric powered. Positioning can be done visual or even by PLC control. Some examples are listed below.

X-frame for flex lance machines or 3-TLE

Easy to use for vertical heat exchangers. Placed with two scaffolding tubes over the heat exchanger with the help of X-cars. Powered positioning over the X-direction and manual over the Y-direction. Aluminum and stainless steel construction.

X-Y frames for flex lance machines, lancing machines, surface preparation or 3-TLE

X-Y frames for both horizontal and vertical applications. Powered positioning over X-Y direction. Automatic reverse possible. Aluminum and stainless steel construction.

Flex frames for flex lancing machines and LTC-machines

X-Y frame for both horizontal and vertical applications. Adjustable in dimensions (flex) so that it will fit every application/job. Aluminium and stainless steel construction.

Like to know more about the DERC X-Y frames?

For all kind of positioning or automating your high pressure cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact. We are happy to take a look and advice you with a suitable solution.

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X-Y frame

X-Y Flex Frame

Flex Frame