Air-operated Valve 1400 bar

Dump Style air-operated valve

The Air-operated dump valve is specifically designed and constructed to turn the high pressure water on and off by an air switch. The air operated dump valve can be used with 1400 bar pumps. The actual valve is mounted on a foot gun base.

When activating the valve with air pressure, the dump valve (spring return) will be closed and the system will be pressurized. By deactivation of the valve, the water will be dumped through the tube.

The Air-operated Valve is ideal for

  • System valve
  • Pressure control (remote) 

Air-operated Valve features

  • Easy field maintenance, "60 seconds" cartridge overhaul
  • Corrosion resistant
Model 3102220006-AIR
Max. wp. 1400 bar
Max. flow  95 l/min
Inlet connection 9/16" MP 
Weight 13,5 kg

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Air Operated Valves

Air-operated valve

Easy Cartridge

Easy cartridge overhaul