DERC Electric Hose Control (WHC)

Safest solution for cleaning the working area

The DERC Electric Hose Control is the first in the market that handles high flows and can be used for cleaning/hosing down the working area safely. It prevents the traditional riskfull situations of using hoses over the shoulders. The gun has the same handle as the DERC ELECTRIC Gun. Lightweight and easy.


  • Open lance (no nozzle)
  • Light weight (3,5 kg)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable shoulder stock
  • 360º Handle rotation
  • Ergo trigger for easy horizontal and vertical handling
  • Trigger lock to prevent "non-intended" jetting
  • Lance protector allows better grip


Like to know more about the DERC Electric Hose Control?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

WWCS Hose Control

DERC Electric Hose Control

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Ergo trigger

Gun Handle Manouverability

360⁰ Handle rotation

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