Extra options for the WIRELESSWAVE Control System

The WIRELESSWAVE Control System comes with all necessary accessories and spare parts to operate wireless. This includes the WIRELESSWAVE Convertor Cable. On top of that we are able to provide you with all traditional accessories that you may need for your operation, ranging from nozzles, hoses up to safety clothing. 

The continuity of your operation is essential to us. That’s why you can rely upon a wide range of WIRELESSWAVE Accessories, right on stock. This includes charge cables (24VDC or 230VAC), connectors for all major high pressure water unit brands, spare batteries, assembly clamps, straps etcetera.

Shoulder Stock

As an extra option we have an ergonomic adjustable shoulder stock that makes it easier to hold the WIRELESSWAVE Gun


To extend the signal you can use a Repeater. This is a copy of the Master Control.


To charge the Gun and Master Control we offer you 4 pins or 7 pins, 220 VAC chargers and 24 VAC chargers. 


For a perfect way of storage we have suitable holders for the Gun, Foot Control, Master Control, antenna and selector cabinet. 


We offer the following converters:

  • RPM converter
  • Pressure transmitter/converter
  • Special Hammelmann converter


Like to know more about the WIRELESSWAVE® Control System?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.

Adjustable Shoulderstock

Adjustable Shoulderstock

WWCS cover belt

Cover belt