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WIRELESSWAVE® Basic Pump Control

The basic version of wireless cleaning, with only a high pressure gun

The WIRELESSWAVE Basic Pump Control is a system that makes it possible to activate a high pressure unit with only a high pressure gun. With this basic system you have all the advantages of the wireless system, but it's only suitable for a high pressure gun without the Master Control. 

The system consists of

  • pump control
  • antenna
  • charge bar
  • WirelessWave high pressure gun 

Basic Pump Control 

The Basic Pump Control is powered by the batteries of the unit. An antenna is placed on top of the unit, so the Pump Control can communicate. A charge bar is placed in the storage area of the unit, so the equipment can be charged.

Advantages of working with the WIRELESSWAVE Control System

  • Ergonomic and light weight gun (3.5 kg)
  • 360º Handle rotation with trigger lock to prevent "non-intended" jetting
  • Gun with anti-vibrational design prevents fatigue and white finger syndrome
  • Gun with lance protector allows better grip and prevents touching hot lance
  • Save time and energy
  • Work without electric signal cables
  • Distance up to +/- 160 meters, open field (without threes, houses)

Adjustable Shoulderstock

On the ergonomic gun you can place optional an adjustable shoulder stock for extra ergonomic way of working.

Wired version

If you want to use al the advantages of the ergonomic high pressure gun but don't want to work wireless, we offer you the wired version. Please have a look at the special webpage: wired DERC High Pressure Gun


If you'd like expanded information about the WIRELESSWAVE Control System, take a look at the special WIRELESSWAVE website:


Like to know more about the WIRELESSWAVE® Control System?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.

High Pressure Gun

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WWCS Pump Control

Pump Control

Gun Handle Manouverability

360⁰ Handle rotation

Adjustable Shoulderstock

Adjustable shoulderstock