Easy to operate

Every operating signal first passes the WIRELESSWAVE Master Control of the assisting machine operator. This WIRELESSWAVE Master Control is equipped with a remote Emergency Stop button (pressure total down), a digital dashboard and an easy multi-language menu.

The WIRELESSWAVE Master Control is the connecting hub for all wireless wave signals of the modules. The WIRELESSWAVE Master Control first connects to the WIRELESSWAVE Pump Control. Then it can be connected to the extra modules. This WIRELESSWAVE Master Control enables the machine operator to be more flexible, check the connection status and neutralize the pressure immediately in case of potential hazardous situations. Optional is the possibility to check the working pressure and engine speed.

The WIRELESSWAVE Master Control is easy to operate, light weight (apporx. 0.7 kg) and has an industrial design.


  • Remote Emergency Stop button
  • Display connection status modules
  • Display working pressure (option)
  • Display engine speed (option)
  • Multi language menu


To extend the signal you can use a Repeater. This is a copy of the Master Control. The Repeater is marked with a red cover belt, the Master Control has a black cover belt.
The WIRELESSWAVE Master Control and WIRELESSWAVE Repeater are delivered with 24 VDC charge cable, strap, assembly clamp and instruction manual.


If you'd like expanded information about the WIRELESSWAVE Control System, take a look at the special WIRELESSWAVE website:


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WWCS Master Control

Master Control

WWCS Master Control

Connection status

WWCS cover belt

Cover belt