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hydro jet mower

DERC Hydro-Jet Mower

Rotating surface cleaner with high pressure water jets

The DERC Hydro-Jet-Mower is a rotating surface cleaner for cleaning floors, grates, decks or other surfaces with high pressure water jets. The base is a stainless steel, 4- wheel carriage with an ergonomic adjustable push bar. The swivel applied on the DERC HYDRO-JET-MOWER has a maximum pressure of 1500 Bar (22K PSI) and is equipped with a height adjustable 4-jet-arm manifold spinning on a max speed of 2500 rpm. 


The Hydro-Jet-Mower can be supplied with the following options:

  • Vacuum Attachment
    Double dome vacuum ring model with 3”connection 90°. Completely installed.
  • Dump Valve
    High Pressure Dump Valve 1500 Bar/ 22K PSI complete installed with controls to push Bar. Connection 9/16” MP female
  • Electric Control
    Electric pressure on/off switch complete installed with controls to push bar. Supplied with necessary plug 4 or 7 Pin.


Hydro Jet Mower 4   Hydro Jet Mower 3 D.HJM-1500 
Max. Working Pressure 1500 Bar / 22KPSI
Max. Flow 150 Litre/min. 40Gpm
Temp. 70°C
Cleaning Diameter 420mm / 18”
Manifold 4-Jet Arm Manifold
Nozzle connection  ¼”NPT female 
Weight   65 Kg. + 30Kg* stainless steel balance plates 
Swivel model  RCS-HS 90° inlet 
Carriage   Stainless Steel Carriage 
4-Wheel, 2 Fix, 2 Flex Zinc Plated
Push bar adjustable with hand grips
Rubber sealing
*optionally more balance plates can be purchased

Part number
Basic Floor Cleaner DHM-1500-18
Option Vacuum Attachment DHM-VA-3
Option Dump Valve  DHM-DV-1500
Option E-control DHM-EC-4 or DHM-EC-7


Like to know more about the DERC Hydro-Jet Mower?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.

Hydro-Jet Mover

DERC Hydro Jet Mower

Hydro-Jet Mover

DERC Hydro Jet Mower

Hydro-Jet Mover_2

DERC Hydro Jet Mower