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DERC Cross Nozzle (DCN)

For completely plugged tubes till 3000 bar/ 43K

The DERC Cross Nozzle (DCN-nozzle) is designed for cleaning completely clogged tubes to a maximum pressure of 1500 bar/ 22K or 3000 bar/43K.

The 2 cross jets, which are directed to the front, cut the material in the completely clogged pipe like a milling cutter. Simultaneously jets can be drilled to the side or pulling to achieve a clean pipe wall. Through the same effect the removed material is flushed away. The 3000 bar/ 43K version has two front cross jets, two 90° jets and two pulling jets. The 1500 bar/ 22K version will be configured per order according to you wishes. 

The nozzle is protected against mechanical damage because the nozzle-holes are drilled in a groove of the nozzle-body. The innovative design gives the DCN-nozzle an optimal flow, better results and a longer life cycle. The DCN-nozzle is available in three diameters. The nozzle-body is corrosion resistant, hardened and guarantees a long life cycle. The nozzle will be configured and drilled for the job or according customer specifications.

Short delivery time 

The DCN-nozzle is a stock item with a short delivery time and an attractive price level. The DCN-nozzle has drilled M3 holes. 

DCN nozzle 1500 bar/ 22K
Connection Thread
Length  Diameter Ø Key Part number
27 mm
10 mm 8 mm
1/8" BSP
30 mm
12 mm
10 mm
1/4" BSP
35 mm 16 mm 14 mm

DCN nozzle 3000 bar/ 43K
Connection Thread
Length  Diameter Ø Key Part number
9/16" UNFLH female
40 mm
18 mm 16 mm DCN-916.001
M14x1.5 LH
40 mm
18 mm
16 mm DCN-M14.001
3/8" UNFLH
32 mm 14 mm 12 mm DCN-38.001

About the standard DERC-nozzle range

The DCN-nozzle is one of the standard DERC nozzle range, an O.E.M. product from DERC Waterjetting. This line is designed with sustainable quality: a wide choice of configurations per nozzle, high efficiency, long life cycle due to design an used materials and good value for money. Check out the other nozzles from this range.


Like to know more about the DCN-nozzle?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.

DERC DCN nozzle


DCN nozzle configuration

1500 bar