DERC CENT-6-8-10

Guide your tool through any pipe

DERC Salotech designed centralizers to centre the rotating nozzle within the pipe, thus protecting the rotating nozzle and the pipe walls, and ensuring the best cleaning result.

Two models of centralizers are available for the Speed Regulated Line Cleaner - SLC. These centralizers allow the tools to work in bigger diameter pipe lines, drums, shells or columns. The centralizer assures a good, consistent cleaning, correct jet distance to the pipe wall and guides the SLC through any bends or ducts.


To centre the SLC - Speed Regulated Line Cleaner within small lines, DERC Salotech offers a short stainless steel centralizer. This complete kit for three different diameters is easy to adjust to another diameter by switching out the plastic fins.

The centralizer for your SLC.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Plastic fins
  • One complete kit for 6-8-10" pipes
  • Easy to mount


Like to know more about the CENT-6-8-10?

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