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DERC Rotocar Cleaning System

Fast and effective cleaning with high operator safety

The DERC Rotocar Cleaning System is developed to remove difficult scales and incrustations from the inside of tubes or pipelines in a very fast and highly efficient way, with extremely high safety standards for the operator.

The DERC RotoCar unit rotates a rubber high pressure hose. The rotation is done by an air motor. The "feed mechanism" will feed or pull the hose automatically in or out of the tube. The speed of the high pressure hose is manually adjustable for optimal cleaning results with different applications.

Rotate, push and pull

The RotoCar combines a fast and effective way of cleaning with high operator satefy. The RotoCar rotates a high pressure hose by means of a swivel, gearbox and air engine. The rotating hose runs through the feeder unit which pushes or pulls the high pressure hose in or out of the tube. The RotoCar is equipped with a slip coupling which ensures that the high pressure hose can only rotate while it is on pressure. The working of the Rotocar is simple and efficient: an air powered high pressure swivel rotates a high pressure hose. On the end of the hose is a fixed nozzle which sprays around the high pressure water, resulting in a safe and efficient way of cleaning.

The Feeder Unit is provided with adjustable wheels to feed or pull the hose automatically in or out of the pipe. The rotating movement is synchronized with the forward movement of the nozzle. This gives a seamless cleaning of the whole tube.

A Hose Guide is mounted on the front of the pipe. This Hose Guide is fully adjustable, so the hose can be fed properly.

The speed of the high pressure hose is manually adjustable for optimal cleaning result with different applications. To insert the hose in the middle of the tube an adjustable clamping device is mounted on the front of the tube or pipe. To prevent damage to the rotating hose there is a 2" stainless steel flexible tube mounted between the clamp device and the feed mechanism.

Cleans complex, bended pipes

The rotating hose in combination with our special nozzle range ensures a perfect cleaning effect and is suitable for cleaning the most complex, bended and longest pipe line constructions. The maximum working pressure is 1000 bar at a maximum flow of 380 l/min, or a maximum working pressure of 1400 bar at a maximum flow of 190 l/min. 

Rotating speed Adjustable from 20 till 300 RPM
Hose connection M24x1.5 DKOS M      M36x2 DKOS M (inlet and outlet)      9/16" HP     or per request
Length protecting hose 3 m (10 ft)
Material Stainless steel
Weight Approximate 65 kg


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DERC Rotocar

DERC Rotocar

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DERC Rotocar

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