DERC Hose Grips/Whip Checks

Security between high pressure hoses

Hose Grips and Whip Checks are used as security between high pressure hoses in case the hose connection would fail.

All Hose Grips and Whip Checks are supplied with a controlled quality declaration.

Whip Check
Part number Description
WR 1 Whip Check 3 mm Model A
WR 2 Whip Check 6 mm Model B
WR 3
Whip Check 24" Red Dog

Hose Grip    
Part number Diameter Length
HG1.400.SS Ø 7-14 mm 400 mm
HG2.400.SS Ø 13-21 mm 400 mm
HG2.600.SS Ø 13-21 mm  600 mm
HG3.400.SS  Ø 17-31 mm  400 mm
HG3.600.SS Ø 17-31 mm 600 mm
HG4.400.SS Ø 20-36 mm  400 mm
HG4.600.SS Ø 20-36 mm  600 mm
HG5.400.SS Ø 27-52 mm 400 mm
HG5.600.SS Ø 27-52 mm 600 mm
HG6.400.SS Ø 45-70 mm 400 mm
HG6.600.SS Ø 45-70 mm  600 mm
HG7.400.SS Ø 72-110 mm 400 mm
HG7.600.SS Ø 72-110 mm  600 mm


Like to know more about the Hose Grips & Whip Checks?

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Hose Safety Grips-2

Whip Check
(WR 1)

Hose Safety Grips-3

Whip Check
(WR 3)

Hose Safety Grips-1

Hose Grip

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