TST Waterjet Protection

Safety clothing up to 3000 bar

High pressure water jets are potentially dangerous and therefore DERC Salotech recommends to use TST Waterjet Protection for maximum safety.

The TST Waterjet Protection is the best and most comfortable waterjet safety clothing on the market. The protection is manufactured from Dyneema, the world’s strongest fiber. The TST Waterjet Protection clothing is the first one with official CE-certification.

TST Waterjet Protection available in two pressure ranges

10/20 Safety level for protection with:

  • 1000 bar single jet nozzle or
  • 2000 bar rotor nozzle

20/30 Safety level for protection with:

  • 2000 bar single jet nozzle or
  • 3000 bar rotor nozzle


For personal comfort TST Sweden manufactured a complete range of protective clothing to fit every application and/or operator. Overalls, high trousers, jackets, aprons, gaiters and even waterjetting boots make a complete line of protection with optimum comfort. For high temperature applications the protection can be supplied with extra forced ventilation.

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Heavy Demolition waterjet protection till 3000 bar

TST developed a HD (Heavy Demolition) series for use in heavy concrete demolition. The extremely durable outer material, called TECHSTEEL, is 50% stronger against abrasion and tear and offers protection against water jetting with 3000 bar rotor nozzles and 2000 bar pin/single nozzle.

Pro Operator waterjet protection till 500 bar

With the experience of the high pressure waterjetting TST Sweden also developed a lower range of protective clothing till 500 bar: Pro Operator. This line is specially and functionally designed for the smaller and lower pressure water jetting machines.


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TST Waterjet Protection Suit

Waterjet protection suit

TST Waterjet Protection Trousers

Waterjet protection trousers

TST Head Protection

20/30 Head Protection