Powered Rotary Coupling Swivel

The DERC RCS 200 is an air or hydraulic powered rotating coupling assembly (swivel) with a maximum working pressure of 1500 Bar. The DERC RCS 200 is designed as a surface cleaning device and is the tool for outside tube bundle cleaning. The powered Rotary Coupling Swivel is speed adjustable and available with different nozzle heads and nozzle options.

Optional arms and heads

The DERC RCS 200 series comes standard with a stainless steel guard which protects the nozzle head and arms. The nozzle head and arms have a jet path of 215 mm and are available in 3 versions.

RCS-230-trio web
                   + Type 04 nozzles + Type 226 nozzles      + DI14 nozzles                
                   + 1500 bar + 1000 bar      + 1500 bar
                   + Complete with flow stabilizers
                      and nozzle caps
+ Complete with flow stabilizers
   and nozzle caps


  • Various rotations for high jet impact
  • Bended nozzle arms with flow stabilizers to produce powerful and effective jets
  • Various heads, and customization is possible for a larger range of applications
  • Replaceable high quality nozzle tips with maximum jet quality


  • External tube bundle cleaning
  • Surface cleaning systems and solutions, combined with our automated solution rails and tractors
  • Cleaning of floors, conveyors and large surfaces
  • Installation on many controlled moveable systems

Inlet connections

  • 3/4" NPT Female
  • 3/4" MP Female
  • M24 x 1.5 Female
  • M36 x 2 Male

Model RCS-200-A RCS-200-H
Max. working pressure 1500 bar 1500 bar
Drive Air Hydraulic
Rotation speed +/- 500 rpm +/- 400 rpm
Max. flow 240 l/min 240 l/min


Like to know more about the DERC RCS 200?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

RCS 200 A

RCS-200-A (air)

RCS 200 H

RCS-200-H (hydraulic)

RCS 200-A  open cap

RCS-200-A open cap