DERC Tankmate for towers and columns

 Easy positioning and cleaning  with your 3-D head and the DERC Salotech winch system

DERC TankMate is designed as a tool for cleaning towers and columns with trays.

The system consists of the following components

Winch system

- A stainless steel base frame with slotted frame for easy fixation to the manhole
- Winch with xxxx mtr. cable and hook 
- Optional Air Power kit with control panel for full automation.


- Stainless steel center frame to protect and center the hoist cable in the middle of the column/tower 
- Frame with easy clamp on system to fix the frame in the hatch of the first tray. 
- Roller bearing square to protect the hoist cable  that the tank cleaning head can be lowered or hoisted easily through the center of the tower.
Article number 
WS-500-SYS  Winch System 500Kg Manual
complete with centralizing bracket for tray hatch
WS-500-100   Air Power Upgrade
Air engine
Control panel and hoses to convert Winch to Air Powered remote control 

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DERC TankMate

Winch system WG1-MI-000560

Center frame in the hatch

Winch system-MI-0000056

Winch System

Center Frame WG1-MI-0000119