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DERC Mini Turret, the mini tank canon

The solution for cleaning confined spaces, tanks or reactors

DERC Salotech designs and delivers complete and practical solutions for cleaning confined spaces, tanks, and reactors. The DERC Turret is the perfect solution for chemical or high pressure cleaning of confined spaces

The DERC Mini Turret is an easy to install tool for automated cleaning of tanks or confined spaces. The base of the tool is a flanged base plate with on top the automated jetting arm. The jetting arm of the Mini Turret is designed in a way that it can move up/down, rotation +/- , nozzle up/down or oscillation. This allows the realisation of a 3D cleaning effect.

Light weight version or stainless steel

The Mini Turret can be supplied in an aluminium light weight version or in stainless steel.
The stainless steel version is suitable to work both with high pressure or for chemicals.

Easy operation

For easy operation the Mini Turret can be equipped with a camera system and monitor.
The camera’s are installed on the jetting arm, one near the flange and one next to the nozzle.

Max. working pressure 
1000 bar
Max. flow 130 l/min
Flange 16" 3000#
Reach 500-1500 mm under flange
Movements Nozzle 135° angle range oscillating
Arm up/down
Arm rotation
Nozzle Model L/226 High Speed Jet
Material Lightweight version Aluminium approx. 60Kg
Stainless steel* version approx. 90Kg

   *suitable for chemical cleaning
Options Chemical cleaning set, swivel, nozzle manifold,
Automated rotation, 2 end switches installed
so the Mini Turret rotates back and forth
in a set angle/area, camerasystem


Like to know more about the DERC Mini Turret?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 (0)186 62 14 84.

Derc mini tank canon

DERC Mini Turret

Mini Tank Canon Detail 2 web

DERC Mini Turret

Bedieningspaneel DERC Mini Canon

Control panel  DERC Mini Turret

Derc mini tank canon

DERC Mini Turret