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Gerotto Mini Bull

Remote controlled, mini underwater robot, created for cleaning plants in operation

Mini Bull is the smallest underwater robot  for cleaning in narrow and submerged spaces which are difficult to reach such as cooling towers' basins, cisterns for water collection and conduits in the industrial sector. The operator controls this robot through a hydraulic distributor or remotely controlled from a safe position.

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, special gaskets and specific points of lubrication the hydraulic system can work underwater and is resistant to corrosion and pressure variations. The pump is mounted on-board making the Mini Bull working independently from aspirating machines, the liquid can be collected and discharged in the most suitable places, depending on the type of work

Unique features Mini Bull

  • Accurate and precise interventions
  • Works independently from aspirating machines
  • Various tools available
  • Works without stopping the plants, nor emptying cisterns and conduits: great reduction of cleaning costs
  • Designed to reach confined spaces where access is often forbidden for operators
  • Ergonomic control, the operator is out of the "line of fire" 
  • Higher productivity over time and safety
  • Hydraulic driven control panel

Like to know more about the Mini Bull?

For more information contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84 or

mini bull
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Gerotto Mini Bull 

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Mini underwater robot

Mini underwater robot

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Designed to reach confined spaces