Tank Cleaning Heads

Removing deposits and scale 


DERC Salotech offers automatic tank cleaners which remove deposits including hardened materials from tank internal walls at a maximum working pressure of 1800 bar. 

The units operate solely with the power of high pressure water. The wide range of Hammelmann nozzle holder arms achieve the cleaning standard required at the specified performance parameters. Units can be fitted with one or two arms.

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DERC-3D water driven tank cleaning

Tank Cleaning Head

Hammelmann L 1400 2

Hammelmann L 1400-2

Hammelmann L 1500 PLUS

Hammelmann L 1500-2

Hammelmann XL 1600 2

Hammelmann XL 1600-2

Hammelmann XXL 1600 2

Hammelmann XXL 1600-2

Hammelmann Aquamat Select

Hammelmann Select