DERC Sandwich Positioning Lance 


The DERC Salotech Sandwich Positioning Lance (SPL) makes it easy to use your valuable tank cleaning unit and place it in position. The SPL consists of a high pressure tube with a maximum operating pressure of 1500 bar. This lance is covered by an aluminium scaffolding tube, which makes it easy to connect it to scaffolding material. The SPL is light, has a high pass and both sides of the lance have a M36x2 cable gland to protect the thread.

For easy positioning, ask for a flange mounting strip. This strip is suitable for max 24”. 

SPL positioning lance end  flange mounting strip
Length Part nr
M36 x 2 DKOS cable gland
1000 mm
M36 x 2 DKOS cable gland
1500 mm SPL-TWK.36SW36SW.1500
M36 x 2 DKOS cable gland
2000 mm SPL-TWK.36SW36SW.2000
M36 x 2 DKOS cable gland
2500 mm SPL-TWK.36SW36SW.2500
M36 x 2 DKOS cable gland
3000 mm  SPL-TWK.36SW36SW.3000
M36 x 2 DKOS cable gland
4000 mm
* Other specifications are available upon request

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