DERC Hose Collector Drum - HCD

The system for pressurised hose containment

The DERC Hose Collector Drum (HCD) is designed to collect (roll up/down) a pressurised high pressure hose, with a maximum working pressure of1500 bar, in combination with a flex lance feeder device. The HCD is a light weight aluminium construction and is easy to stack when using mutiple hoses, for example a Peinemann 3TLX.

Each hose has its own drum, rotary coupling and high pressure inlet. When used in combination with the DERC SLP and SP systems the hose collector drums are equipped with a hose end stop detection switch.


  • Stackable elements
  • One hose in Hose Collector Drum unit
  • Hoses can enter indepent, enabling other hoses to continue in case of a plugged tube
  • Lightweight aluminium construction, 17Kg per HCD w/o hose
  • Adaptable to any flex lance feeder system
  • Comes complete with a guide hose to install between the HCD and flex lance feeder device
  • No more pressurised hoses twisting in the workspot
  • Reduced hose wear


  • Collection of a live hose behind any flex lance hose feeding device

Suitable hoses Max. pressure   Weight Part number
DERC HCD 1 Layer 4/2 5/2 6/2 8/2 8/4  1500 bar  17 kg D.HCD-1500-1L
DERC HCD 2 Layer 4/2 5/2 6/2 8/2 8/4  1500 bar  37 kg D.HCD-1500-2L
DERC HCD 3 Layer 4/2 5/2 6/2 8/2 8/4
 1500 bar  55 kg D.HCD-1500-3L
HCD suitable to connect to a DERC SLP/SP system 4/2 5/2 6/2 8/2 8/4  1500 bar   HCD-1500.SLP


Like to know more about the DERC Hose Collector Drum?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.


DERC Hose Collector Drum 1L


DERC Hose Collector Drum 2L


DERC Hose Collector Drum 3L