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DERC Shell Side Blaster - SSB

Automated solution for external cleaning of heat exchangers

The SSB is designed and manufactured by DERC Salotech as an automated solution for external cleaning of heat exchangers with high pressure water jets. The SSB makes tube bundle blasting of shell side cleaning simple and safe by placing the operator at a safe distance. The SSB consists of two wheeled frames, which can be placed over the heat exchanger, and adjusted in height by means of two manually operated hand wheels. The system comes with two tensioner chains to secure the frames to your Tube Bundle Rollers.

The SSB is easy to disassemble to break down in smaller/shorter pieces for easy transportation.


  • A-Frames with manual height adjustment
  • Coupled stainless steel profile
  • Chains with tensioner to fix A-Frame to bundle rollers
  • DERC Automated Solutions Rail 4” with gear rack
  • DERC AST air or hydraulic powered tractor 
  • DERC RCS-200 with 1500 bar air of hydraulic powered swivel
  • Set of nozzles

The SSB is configured to order, please contact us about your specific requirements for pressures, lengths, speeds, hydraulic drive, etc.

Total Length 8000 mm*
Stroke 7500 mm*
Max. tube bundle length 7500 mm
Height adjustment frame 500 mm
Max. operating pressure 1500 bar / 22 KPSI
Max. Flow  1000 bar     380 l/min
1500 bar     300 l/min
Inlet connection M36x2 M / M24x1.5 / 3/4" NPT
Movement speeds 2 - 12 m/min / 7 - 40 ft/min
RCS 200 rotation speed +/- 500 rpm
Nozzle inserts 2 x type 4     or     2 x type226    or     2 x 1/4" NPT   
1 set nozzles included
   Start-Stop-Speed Movement
Start-Stop-Speed Rotation
Air Hoses and Air Preparation Oiler / filter included
* other lengths / strokes possible

Automated Solutions Tractor

Mounted between the frames is a stainless steel coupled profile with a 4” Automated Solution Rail attached. The DERC Automated Solutions Tractor (AST) runs on the Automated Solutions Rail (ASR). The Powered Tractor drives back and forth over the Automated Solutions Rail automatically. This is realized by means of a gearbox, air or hydaulic engine, gear and heavy-duty stainless steel roller bearings. End switches coupled to a control valve ensure the automatic movement back and forth. The stroke can be easily adjusted by moving the end stops.


Like to know more about the DERC SSB?

Contact DERC Salotech +31 186 62 14 84.