DERC Smart Laser Positioner - SLP

Highly accurate indexing and positioning

The highly secure and innovative DERC Smart Laser Positioner uses Laser Vision Indexing Technology to accurately identify the object, for example a bundle. Push the start command on the PLC touch screen to start the indexing and cleaning process.

During the process one operator monitors the process from a safe distance. The progress of the indexing and cleaning process will be displayed on the PLC touch screen.

The DERC SLP can be applied to several systems. This fully automatic bundle indexer and cleaner is an innovation in cleaning bundles with high pressure water jetting.


Press start and the processes below will automatically begin.

  • Within a few minutes the intelligent system indexes the diameter and position of the heat exchanger with the Laser Vision Indexing Technology.
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the front plate.
  • Within a few minutes the detailed scan determines the position of all hole locations. Plugged and flange holes will be excluded. The position of each pipe is determined by scan data.
  • Fully automatic cleaning per three tubes (different number of tubes is available on request). The cut blind tubes are automatically skipped and reported.
  • Report of generated data of the cleaning process is displayed on the touch screen.


Like to know more about the DERC SLP?

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Accurate positioning