Pipe Cleaners

Mechanized pipe cleaning

When pipe lengths set on racks require cleaning, the Inside (ID) & Outside (OD) Pipe Cleaners offer safe and effective results. Adjustable rotation and stroke controls help clean each pipe effectively while operators are kept at a safe distance from the high pressure water. 

The modular design cleans pipes up to 17 m in length at pressures up to 2800 bar.

ID & OD Pipe Cleaner ideal for

  • Remove concrete linings, drill mud, coatings and unplug pipe sections 
  • Clean scale and NORM from well tubing 

ID & OD Pipe Cleaner features

  • Available in 1000 bar, 1500 bar, 2800 bar
  • Complete package; includes adjustable jack stands, control panel, rigid lance, rail and tips
Model ID Cleaner OD Cleaner
Max. power 2800 bar 2800 bar
Max. flow 190 l/min 190 l/min
Rotation speed 50-300 rpm 50-1000 rpm
Lineair speed  0,15-0,60 m/s  2,1-12 m/min 
Air supply 1,65 m3/min @ 5,5 bar 1,65 m3/min @ 5,5 bar 
Rail length  up to 18,3 m up to 18,3 m
Stroke length up to 16,7 m up to 16,7 m
Weight 160 kg 160 kg 


Like to know more about the ID & OD Pipe Cleaners?

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