WirelessWave™ Pump Control - WWPC

The heart of the WirelessWave Control System

The heart of the WirelessWave™ Control System is the central WirelessWave Pump Control. This control system is installed on your high pressure water unit. In combination with the WirelessWave Master Control makes this your basic set to control your pump wireless. The WirelessWave Pump Control and the WirelessWave Master Control enables you to connect extra modules and neutralize the working pressure immediately with the remote Emergency Stop button.

Basic set

  • WirelessWave Pump Control (WWPC), the heart of the system
  • WirelessWave Pump Control Switch, to switch to every module
  • WirelessWave Master Control (WWMC), your connecting hub
  • Prepared for extra modules


  • WirelessWave Gun (WWG)
  • WirelessWave Foot Control (WWFC)
  • WirelessWave Hose Control (WWHC)
  • Wireless Wave Repeater (WWR)


If you'd like expanded information about the WirelessWave Control System, take a look at the special WirelessWave website:


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WirelessWave Pump Control

WirelessWave Pump Control switch