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Monoflanges, Monoblock valves, Needle valve manifolds


Monoflanges are manufactured to replace multivalve assemblies with single, flange mounted manifold configurations. The main advantages over a typical system include compactness and weight savings, which can reduce stress from loading and vibration; fewer potential leak points and reduced installation and maintenance.

This product range represents a true technical and economical innovation in the management of the instrumentation analysis. Differently from the old system composed by big size block valves, safety and on-off valves, draining and sampling, these monoflanges allow to reduce costs and spaces.

Monoflange features

  • Compact dimensions with consequent reduction of assembling costs
  • Stainless steel costruction as standard
  • Temperature rating graphoil packing from –54 °C to + 510 °C

Monoblock valve

Monoblock valves provide a smooth transition from process to instrumentation systems in a single, compact assembly. Benefits include fewer leak points and reduced size and weight compared to traditional systems.

Monoblock valve features

  • Process interface in one compact ball/needle/ball valve assembly
  • One piece forged body
  • Multiple configurations: compact block, block and bleed and double block and bleed
  • Flange connections in compliance with ASME B16.5 RF and RTJ
  • NPT connections in compliance with ASME B1.20.1
  • Anti-blowout valve stems and needles
  • Ratings from 150 up to 2500 lbs
  • Stainless steel handle standard with full grip PVC sleeve
  • Stop pin
  • One-piece stem spindle
  • Finished ball for low operating torque and long life
  • Vibration resistant gland nut
  • Externally adjustable gland
  • Bore size 10 mm

Two-way needle valve manifold

This series of two-valve manifolds combines valves into one block to perform isolation, bleed and calibration of pressure transmitters, gauges and switches. Process, instrument and vent connections can be provided in a variety of sizes and threaded forms including NPT, BSPT and BSPP. Several models of brackets can be supplied to allow the installation both in site and on panels.

Three-way needle valve manifold

The three valve manifolds, that concentrate the functions of interception and balancing in a single block, are used with differential pressure transmitters. They are designed to allow both direct and remote mounting. Mounting brackets are available on demand.

Five-way needle valve manifold

The five valve manifolds that concentrate in a single block the functions of interception, balancing and drain, are designed to allow both direct and remote mounting. Mounting brackets are available on demand.

Needle valve specifications

  • Pressure up to 700 bar
  • Temperature rating PTFE packing from –73 °C to +210 °C
  • Temperature rating GRAPHOIL packing from –54 °C to + 510 °C
  • Standard orifice diameter 4 mm
  • Standard 316L stainless steel

Needle valve features

  • Tee bar easy manoeuvrability with minimum effort
  • PTFE packing standard, optional graphoil
  • Stainless steel construction as standard 
  • Colour coded functional identification 
  • Externally adjustable gland 
  • Variety of end connections 
  • Dust cap to prevent contaminations on the operating thread

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Monoblock valves

Monoblock valve

Two Valve Needle Valves

Two-way needle valve manifold

Needle Valve Three manifold

Three-way needle valve manifold

Needle Valve Five Manifold

Five-way needle valve manifold