NEW: Full electric Air Preheater Cleaner

DERC engineers have now designed a full electric Air Preheater Cleaner. With this electric model we offer a compact, safe, efficient and ergonomic way of cleaning air preheaters.

Highly accurate positioning

By means of a touchscreen the operator sets the parameters for starting up a washing program which positions the cleaning manifold with an accuracy of 1 millimeter.

Unique features of the DERC Air Preheater Cleaners Electric

  • Monitoring from a safe distance outside "line of fire"
  • Touchscreen setup
  • PLC controls the process
  • Data logging possible 
  • Complete electric control
  • Effective and efficient way of cleaning

Tell us your cleaning challenge

Besides this Air Preheater Cleaner version, DERC is also very experienced in manufacturing XXL-models and other ways of cleaning air preheaters. Our engineers would like to help you to find your perfect solution for your cleaning challenge. After design, the system is manufactured in our own production factory.

Like to know more?

Click here to the special webpage or contact DERC Salotech by e-mail: or call +31 (0)186-62 14 84.